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On Change..

There this ancient beautfull mantra about Change, ”Asatoma sad gamaya”…where we can talk about two important things about CHANGE:

Number one is that we have NO Resposibility whatsoever to change Others. It is simply not other peoples job.

And that Change is a totaly individual thing.

Step number one in a changing process is to discover a pattern by being quiet, alert and observant enough. We usualy meet our old patterns when challenged. So face your challenge and your feelings. And alertness is the key and to be exersised in everyday ”down to earth” life

This is where the ancient mantra comes in..”Asatoma sad gamaya” –” lead me from Ignorance to knowledge” .Thats what we do when we become aware of our patterns, thinking or behavourial

”Masatoma jotyr gamaya”: lead me from darkness to light . By darkness the egoic thinking patterns are implied. Those closed circles we repeat and relive in the darkness of our ignorance. So by bringing these patterns to light i.e discovering them gives us a power- a new knowledge.

On our way to light we meet resistense. Resistense is simply reluctance to change our patterns. A fear of change inherent in all humans. Ego tends to overdramatise the situation whatever it might be.  Since it is unpleasant for Ego, the temptation is to avoid or pretend the feeling even doesnt exist or belittle it as unimportant.

These stratagies are ”default settings” for most people. But those who are eager and ready must win over this innefectiveness.

In the face of a challenge we face our patterns. And the single thought of changing anything feels like stepping out of the comfort zone. Big time. It is unpleasant and even scary. But now is the best time to do it!

Althought it seems scary and unpleasant stay there. Stay for Gods sake, allow the feeling, exauste it with your sharp presence. Breath through the Resistence and every time you notice you Hold your breath Breeeeath even deeper. There is also no room to think about anything else or even to THINK at all at this moment as all of your Focus is consumed in the Present.

Then see what comes your way. Act upon your new Insight when a new Challenge arrives.

The promise of the mantra is Immortality: ”mritjomaramritam gamaya” – move from death to immortality. By Imortality the enlightened, non- egoic thinking and behaviour is implied.

Therefore by exersising alertness and acting upon your new wisdom we expand beyond our limits and arrive at a more balanced and happy place within ourselves.



And the Universal Truth is revealed through speech of the innocent

”We have learned and it has become the past…” sang a 15 year old girl on the summer school party today. She wrote her song and the music a night before. How amazing! Yet again I witnessed a great power at work. The eternal force of spontaniouse human creativity.

The Creative Expression comes from everywhere around us: my doughter who was probably subconsiously looking for an inspiration for her new story finds it at a most ordinary place and now is on her new book. This girl today who wrote her song a short night before and was so present and confident on the stage and just let it all happen. ”It” – the eternal unstopable flow of life and its inherent creative talent. And me who write this blog coming from a bubbling restlessnes of my mind and sometimes even from a confusion of thoughts. When it all seems a worring grey chaos at first finally becomes a consentrated flow of wisdom put into words.

Many things said and sung today by children at the school were the reflection of my recent thoughts. ”Let me make mistakes and let me learn. Let me walk my way and let me be me…”

I am 38 and still learning about life and gradually realise that this is my path and its OK as it is the path of every human soul which opens up for evolvment. And although I am afraid of making mistakes and change and upheavals and those are just a bunch of scary words, there is a power even stronger – a drive to learn and experience life to its fullest – to eat thne Bread of Life with all its pitfalls, hurts and joy and elation.

This is my path on the way home to my own true self. And when the lesson is learned I do let it become the past…